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Nonprofit Commons in Second Life

On 21-Dec-2018 the Nonprofit Commons (NPC, in Second Life held a Grand Opening of their newly renovated Community Virtual Library Nonprofit Resource Library along with ice skating to celebrate the last NPC meeting of 2018.

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On 18-Dec-2018 Olivier Michel at let previous Webots users know that the platform has been made open source via GitHub… Today, after more than 20 years of proprietary licensing, Webots has become free open source software, released under the … Continue reading

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Nautica is an exploration game based released by Epic Games in a watery world where your spaceship has crash landed and you have escaped in an escape pod equipped with a materials and equipment fabricator, materials analyser and limited storage … Continue reading

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Dual Universe

I am a Kickstarter Funder for the emerging MMO orientated Dual Universe platform. Dual Universe Alpha 1 usage is subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so this blog post only provides useful links and publicly posted images and videos by … Continue reading

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Diva Wifi for OpenSim and Later

This blog post covered changing configuration information for the OpenSim WiFi add-in module. A simplified blog post now covers the current configuration for OpenSim and Wifi compiled with .NET4.8 as at 17-Nov-2022. See Update 24-Oct-2022: The Diva Distribution (D2) … Continue reading

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OpenSim VR Viewer Under Development – Resources

Resources related to a new open source OpenSim content VR Viewer under development by Melanie Thielker of Avination and others… Open Source VR Viewer for OpenSim in Development — Low Cost Alternative for Social VR Projects, Blog Post: December 10, … Continue reading

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Dreamgrid – Outworldz Dreamworld – OpenSimulator

Dreamgrid is an easy to use OpenSim platform created by Fred Beckhusen, aka Ferd Frederix. It includes MySQL, Dynamic DNS name provision, OpenSim (usually based on recent Dev Master code), Diva’s WiFi admin interface and a wide range of add … Continue reading

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OpenSimulator Community Conference 2018 – OSCC18

The OpenSimulator Community Conference (OSCC18) ran again this year on December 8th to 9th, 2018 and was once again organised and run by Avacon.

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