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2015 Virtual University of Edinburgh Graduation – School of Education

For seven years since 2009 the University of Edinburgh has offered its distance education and remote new graduates the option to graduate in Second Life, alongside the real world ceremony in the graduation hall, which his year is in Edinburgh’s … Continue reading

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Flight Simulator in Virtual Reality with Flyinside FSX

Virtual Reality comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator today as Flyinside FSX ( reached its first full version 1.0 release. It has been created by Daniel Church with Kickstarter backing and is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator boxed versions and … Continue reading

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The Man – One of the Earliest Objects in Second Life

“The Man” on Natoma/63/206/50 in Second Life is a destination I discovered through an interesting InfoGraphic about the scale of the land area in Second Life. The Man sculpture was created by “oldjohn Linden” on 19th July 2002. “The Man” … Continue reading

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Second Life Avatars

Second Life has a new set of “mesh attachment” avatars called “Classic” available through the initial account creation page at and through the “Me -> Choose an Avatar” in the viewer. It is interesting that Linden Lab chose to … Continue reading

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Eve Valkyrie in VR – Pre-alpha Testing

Eve Valkyrie from Iceland-based CCP Games is a multi-user space shooter style game based on the Eve Universe but designed for next generation virtual reality headsets and input controllers such as the Oculus Rift. “Pre-alpha” testing for those with appropriate … Continue reading

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Second Life – Move from Edinburgh University to Vue

In early November 2015 the “Edinburgh University” region in Second Life was abandoned… with active facilities being moved to the Vue, Vue South and Edinburgh East regions. Edinburgh University was originally obtained as part of the Vue estate in June … Continue reading

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Innovators Showcase – Open Educational Resources

The University of Edinburgh has published a showcase of innovative teaching and educational methods (edited by Ellen Spaeth). An entry for my work on the AI Planning MOOC and the use of openly accessible educational resources and tools to build … Continue reading

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