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A web-based mesh creation tool at http://stephaneginier.com/sculptgl/ Especially for Halloween

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Second Life – Skye Forest Cabin

I was pointed by one of Inara Pey’s blog posts to a good example of a forest cabin and furniture that are available in Second Life. This build, created by Alex Bader of Studio Skye, uses mesh and recent advanced … Continue reading

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Mesh Heads and Bodies in Second Life

Mesh heads and bodies have become more common place in Second Life.. especially as the technology to allow for them to be adjusted by the usual appearance user interface and sliders, and to allow clothing to conform to the underlying … Continue reading

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High Fidelity Alpha Tests – Importing the Tuscany Villa Demo

An alpha test of importing the Oculus Rift Unity3D-based Tuscany Villa Demonstration to the hifi://alpha/TuscanyAlpha location proved very successful. As Tuscany Villa Appears in Oculus Unity Demo As Tuscany Villa Appears in High Fidelity (27-Oct-2014) HiFi Snapshot including Window Surround … Continue reading

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High Fidelity Alpha Tests – Oil Rig

As a test of a larger mesh build import to HiFi, the RGU Oil Rig mesh from OpenSim Vue-Rig region was exported through Firestorm 4.6.5 via it’s Collada backup mechanism and through Autodesk’s FBX Converter and then loaded as a … Continue reading

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Mesh Avatars

Second Life avatars early on were based on an underlying custom mesh (Poser like) with the basic body shape, skin texture, eyes and basic hair. Then a range of “layers” to add clothing and the textures could be applied to … Continue reading

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WhiteCore Version of OpenSim – Firewall and Mesh Tests

Continuing with testing of the WhiteCore release of OpenSim, I amended the various configuration files to change port 8003 and ports 8010 to 8013 to use their 90xx equivalents, since those 90xx ports are open for region add-on usage through … Continue reading

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Tests of Mesh Import to Second Life Beta Grid and OpenSim 0.7.1 Live Grid

Tests on 26-Oct-2010 of Mesh import to Second Life Beta Grid and live 0.7.1 OSGrid using current SL Viewer Beta 2.2 for Mesh Support. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh for more information. Tested successfully on both grids with very simple meshes and plain coloured … Continue reading

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