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OSCC13 Load Test on 23-Jul-2013

A further load test of the OpenSimulator Community Conference 4-sim facility took place on 23rd July 2013. 117 avatars in total eventually logged in simultaneously. I logged in five avatars – four on my Windows 7 home desktop and one … Continue reading

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MOSES DSG Virtual World Role Play Scenario

The MOSES DSG #3 virtual world role play scenario uses the US Army Research Lab’s MOSES OpenSimulator setup and Intel’s Distributed Scene Graph (DSG) technology intended to allow for larger numbers of avatars to be simultaneously in a virtual world … Continue reading

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2013-07-03 OpenSimulator Community Conference Track Leaders Meeting

The conference group meeting in the staff area of the custom grid being prepared for the conference.  Weekly “load tests” continue to shake out the facilities. Details of the event are at The number of avatar that could register to … Continue reading

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