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Roller Coasters in OpenSim

I previously wrote about the roller coasters on OSGrid’s Recreation Plaza created by Cuteulala Artis and colleagues. Cuteulala has also provided a free access roller coaster that anyone can use. But everyone is asked to respect the open source nature … Continue reading

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OpenSimulator Varregion Tests

Normally Second Life and OpenSim have regions which are 256m X 256m in size. Regions can be placed alongside one another to make up larger land masses, as is done with the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) regions which can … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality Experience in 10 Minutes

Scroll down to the “Try it Yourself” section for the web demonstration link and the download link for the Windows standalone version which will work in flat screen mode or in VR if you have an Oculus Rift attached. While … Continue reading

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High Fidelity – Chat and IM

High Fidelity themselves have decided (at the moment) to not include a text chat/IM tool directly into the Hifi Interface. Third party solutions can be added. This note is to keep a record of the URLs used and other information. … Continue reading

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OpenSimulator Community – Animation of Code Commits

Nebadon Izumi (Michael Emory Cerquoni) has created an animation of code commits to the OpenSimulator project for the OpenSimulator Community Conference 2015. It is produced from the OpenSim Git commit repository using Gource. The YouTube video of the commits in … Continue reading

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