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Avatar JellyDolls

From Second Life Viewer 4.0.5 (18-May-2016) a capability to increase performance by rendering some highly complex avatars as “JellyDolls” was introduced. When set appropriately, the viewer will render avatars with a complexity score that are over some preset limit as … Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings Role Play

Lord of the Rings Online ( is a MMORPG to allow for quests to be undertaken with the role of Man, Hobbit, Elf or Dwarf. It is free to play for the initial levels, and then is based on subscription. … Continue reading

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Sim-on-a-Stick for OpenSim Development and Testing

Ener Hax’s “Sim-on-a-Stick” ( is a very useful prebuilt setup that allows a local copy of OpenSimulator to be quickly used for a new development or test environment. It can be used to create a fresh setup each time tests … Continue reading

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MOSES Office Hours 13-May-2016

The MOSES military metaverse grid members hold regular weekly “office hours” presentations and discussion meetings. At this specific meeting there was a discussion of the “Redmine” Wiki used for development and community contributions within team members of the MOSES project, … Continue reading

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OpenVCE Region on MOSES Grid

The OpenSimulator-based OpenVCE region has been reactivated on the MOSES Military Metaverse OpenSim grid to make this example of a virtual collaboration environment accessible for demonstrations to US federal and other agencies. The region contains a range of meeting facilities … Continue reading

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Ocean Rift VR Experience

Ocean Rift ( is a virtual reality experience for Oculus Rift and other VR headsets. The controls are as follows:

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Project Cars in VR

Project Cars ( has been available since May 2015 [Wikipedia] along with regular add-ons and downloadable content. Support for VR headsets has been included for a while. Project Cars “Game of the Year” edition was released on 6th May 2016 … Continue reading

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Unity, Photon MMO and IMVU Avatars

There are Unity3D packages available to add Photon multi-user networking support and IMVU avatar connections. Photon Realtime multiplayer networking support is available using their Photo Cloud free for up to 20 concurrent users, or you can host a Photon MMO … Continue reading

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MOSES OpenSim Assets

The MOSES (Military Metaverse) Project has produced some assets, sample regions in OpenSimulator Archive (OAR) format, avatars and wearables. They are licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0. LIDAR Scanned Region Creation The US Army Research Labs Simulation Technology and Training … Continue reading

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