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OpenSim OAR Convert to Unity Scene

A later version of OAR Converter is available which includes a Windows graphical user interface for convenient conversions. See this blog post. This page gives notes and links related to the OAR converter to create textures, meshes and terrain suitable … Continue reading

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Setting up a Standalone OpenSim Server from Scratch

These notes will describe how to set up a “Standalone” OpenSimulator (OpenSim) server on Windows from scratch… using the latest stable version or even the very latest “Dev master” experimental version. They are intended to quickly get you going with … Continue reading

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Simple Use of Git for OpenSim Development

Git is a source code version control supporting contributions from a number of developers. Git tutorial and reference material is available via including a complete online “Pro Git” book. Contributions are made by “non-core” developers who can submit a “patch” … Continue reading

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Open Metaverse – the OpenSimulator Contribution

OpenSimulator and its “grid of grids” (Hypergrid) approach is perhaps the nearest virtual worlds environment we current have that approximates the “Metaverse” as envisaged in science fiction (e.g. Snowcrash) and popular culture. It is an approximation of what others seem … Continue reading

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Second Life – Ai Austin 9th Birthday

9th birthday… don’t look a year older… and the flight suit stays remarkable clean…

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