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Moodle/SLoodle Experiments Issue 15 – a Custom SLoodle Demo Object

To provide a basis for custom facilities in a SLoodle classroom or virtual world meeting space, Edmund Edgar, one of the core SLoodle developers, has described how to add a new (demonstration or template) object in Second Life/OpenSim and how … Continue reading

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Moodle/SLoodle Experiments Issue 14 – Moodle and SLoodle 2.1 Beta Testing

We have now updated from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.2 since the appropriate up to date PHP version is available on the Linux server used for the site. The site is currently set for manual user registration as it … Continue reading

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Plato AND Play-Dough

I was given an amusing and very appropriate congratulations card when I got news of being awarded my MSc with Distinction in e-Learning from the Moray House School of Education at the University of Edinburgh this weekend. It seemed very … Continue reading

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Virtual World Open Source Collaboration Space Assets

I have set up an SL marketplace store to make available the (free) assets from the project.  The store is at … This makes the items more easily and reliably available to anyone without going to specific locations … Continue reading

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Linden Lab Patterns

Linden Lab, the Californian company behind Second Life are moving into more casual game-based products and especially ones that involve buidling worlds and interacting with them. The first of these is now out in an early test version via the … Continue reading

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