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Moving Content between Virtual Worlds

This article is published as: Tate, A. (2018) Moving Content from Second Life/OpenSimulator via Unity3D to new Social Virtual Reality Platforms, Virtual Education Journal (VEJ), Summer 2018, Special Issue on “What if…”, pp.30-35, (ed. Roseanne Vojtek). Published by Edovation. [Online … Continue reading

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Magic Leap – First Leap

Magic Leap opened its web site for creators on 18th March 2018. This blog post brings together some resources, links and screenshots from a first “leap”… Magic Leap Creator Portal Unity integration with Magic Leap Following the Magic Leap tutorial … Continue reading

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Sinespace – Vue

The Virtual University of Edinburgh regions as they appeared in Second Life at their maximum extent and as they are replicated on the OpenSimuator-based Openvue grid has been converted via the OAR Converter into Unity3D and then provided into the … Continue reading

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OAR Converter

OAR Converter can take an OpenSimulator Archive (OAR) and from it create textures, meshes and terrain suitable to import into a Unity scene. From Unity a range of virtual world or virtual reality experiences can be created. The converter has … Continue reading

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Unity 2017 – Rocks Turn Red

If you have a Unity project in versions up to 5.6.2 and on loading it into Unity 2017.1 or later some of the terrain textures turn reddish… Take a look for an object in the scene or click on the … Continue reading

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Unity Probuilder – Creating 3D Content in the Unity Editor

Unity ProBuilder is a Unity3D plug in that allows the creation and manipulation of 3D mesh content directly within the Unity Editor. There are basic (free) and Advanced (paid) versions. The advanced version allows for complete UV unwrapping, export of … Continue reading

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Unity with OpenVR for Vive and Oculus via SteamVR

It is straightforward to start a Virtual Reality (VR) application using Unity 5.4 for SteamVR which supports both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift head-mounted VR displays. Getting Started Tutorial: http://unity3d.college/2016/04/29/getting-started-steamvr/ Unity – SteamVR Plugin: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/32647 Follow the above tutorial … Continue reading

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