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Sine Space – Gerry Anderson Region

The Sine Space (now rebranded “sinespace”) virtual world “Space City” region contains 3D models and scenes from a number of Gerry Anderson TV productions… Supercar and Black Rock Laboratory Fireball XL5 and Space City Stingray and Marineville Thunderbirds Space:1999 Visit … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality for Gerry Anderson Locations

Gerry Anderson locations for the TV series Supercar, Fireball XL5 and Stingray have been recreated using fan produced 3D models of the buildings, scenery and vehicles used in the TV shows. These have been used in OpenSimulator to create 3D … Continue reading

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Marineville at Sunset

Stingray and Control Tower mesh models on Marineville region on OSGrid. Visit via [hop://login.osgrid.org/Marineville/45/12/21]

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Suters Store Slough – Supercar Window Display in 1962

On February 1, 2015 James Fielding posted an article on the Gerry Anderson/Anderson Entertainment web site showing images taken at the time by a then 11-year old Philip Suter of the windows displays in his family’s Suters Store in Slough, … Continue reading

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AiLand – New OpenSimulator Grid

OSGrid is used by many as a freely accessible grid run by some of those involved in OpenSimulator development onto which locally hosted regions can be added. While the main Virtual University of Edinburgh facilities are in Second Life (region … Continue reading

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Gerry Anderson Mesh Models on OpenSim

A range of quite detailed Gerry Anderson 3D mesh models have been used as tests of the (Collada) mesh capabilities of OpenSim and Second life. A number of blog posts have described the experimentation with these meshes and the OpenSim … Continue reading

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Marineville in OpenSim

Stand by for action! Marineville… I am calling battle stations… anything can happen in the next half hour… The Marineville region in the OpenSimulator-based OSGrid is now complete with the addition of the Marineville Control Tower. The Tower uses Mateen … Continue reading

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Marineville – the OpenSim Undersea Exploration Region

Combining open source assets from several educational developers, a new OpenSim region is being created… called “Marineville” after the fictional base for Gerry Anderson’s Stingray futuristic submarine. The assets combined are: Undersea Observatory OpenSim Archive by Justin Reeve. Abyss in … Continue reading

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