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Halcyon MOSES Grid Testing

Halycon is the virtual world server code base used by the InWorldz grid. The code is a branch of the OpenSimulator code, and has been contributed back to the wider OpenSimulator community (see this InWorldz blog post). Halcyon is being … Continue reading

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Steam VR Destinations Experiment

Destinations lets you create, share and explore different worlds in VR: photogrammetry scenes, game worlds, or anything else that can be represented by a 3D model (using OBJ and FBX formats). Destinations Workshop Tools is the toolkit for creating destinations. … Continue reading

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On AiLand Black Rock Region with Supercar via VorpX

As described in this blog post virtual world viewers can be used to visit Second Life and OpenSim grids and regions in VR on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive using VorpX. These are images of Gerry Anderson’s Supercar in the … Continue reading

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Second Life and OpenSim in VR using VorpX

While CtrlAltStudio viewer has provided 3D/VR access for the Oculus Rift in Second Life and OpenSim, there is another way to explore virtual worlds in VR – through VorpX. VorpX allows some applications and games not specifically designed for … Continue reading

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Supercar in VR

This is Gerry Anderson’s Supercar mesh model (with non-physical flight scripts) in Second Life viewed in VR via the CtrlAltStudio viewer for Oculus Rift DK2 and CV1. The Supercar mesh has a “prim equivalent” of 705. More information on … Continue reading

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Watercolour Wander in Second Life

“A Watercolour Wander” by Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK) is an installation artwork in Second Life sponsored by the “Linden Endowment for the Arts” (LEA) who provide in world space donated by Linden Lab for artists to create and show their works. … Continue reading

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Roller Coasters in VR using CtrlAltStudio

Now here is a nice test of the CtrlAltStudio viewer for Oculus Rift DK2 and CV1 for Second Life and OpenSim. On OSGrid’s Cuteulala Park region which includes a range of theme park rides and roller coasters. hop:// Park/148/81/22 … Continue reading

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