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Fireworks over VCE Region in Second Life

To celebrate the opening of the VCE region in Second Life for use by the WoSCR community, fireworks are showing over Hill Top for 24 hours on 1st September 2009 across all times zones. Go to More details and … Continue reading

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VCE Dive Trench Preparation on 2009-08-23

Thanks to Tai Clifford in the Second Life community for providing some of his excellent scuba equipment freely to VCE island users, and some of his underwater coral reefs and fish for the VCE Dive Trench. It will be in … Continue reading

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Helpful Environment

“The Helpful Environment” vision is of a future in which ubiquitous computing, sensor grids and networked systems combine to help the individuals, families, businesses, organizations, the public at large, regions and countries to be self supportive and mutually helpful with … Continue reading

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Flags over VCE in Second Life

Flags fly over the Central Plaza and Expo area of the Virtual Collaboration Environment (VCE region) in Second Life.  Boxes of textures of flags of the world including most national and many regional flags are available to pick up in … Continue reading

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Avatar is not an Avatar

The James Cameron movie is called “Avatar” but its not related (directly anyway) to virtual worlds software based avatars. Its much more serious than that. But… wait and see! More details and trailers at: Avatar Movie Official Web Site – … Continue reading

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Introducing Austin Tate & Ai Austin

Notes from Austin Tate & Ai Austin for SL Meeting… this introduces me and my avatar … … Click on the images for our home pages. Austin Tate Ai Austin To hear a short clip of what my voice sounds … Continue reading

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Extra Facilities Needed for Social Network Support?

A discussion has been initiated on a number of other platforms and facilities which have been tested for OpenVCE purposes, and some of which are now actively being considered to supplement the Drupal-based and Second Life virtual worlds elements. … Continue reading

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