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Virtual Worlds in VR

This blog post is a reminder that we can still view OpenSimulator and Second Life content in Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as the Oculus Rift using the CtrlAltStudio viewer. Though this viewer is based on an older version of … Continue reading

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High Fidelity – Futvrelands

On 17th November 2018 High Fidelity ran a Futvrelands event in honour of VR Day.

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Somnium Space

Somnium Space (“Dream” or “Fantasy” from the Latin “somnus” for “sleep”) is a new virtual world from developers in Berlin aimed at virtual reality headsets.

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Bank of High Fidelity

High Fidelity now has a cryptocurrency “Wallet” in which High Fidelity Coins” can be deposited, paid out and transferred to other avatars. To seed the currency early alpha tester users can obtain a starter amount of coins by visiting the … Continue reading

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Engage – Educational VR Platform

Immersive VR Education in Ireland, who have produced the Apollo 11 VR Experience, have created a platform for multiple users to meet and share experiences in a range of environments in VR via their avatars. Engage works with the Oculus … Continue reading

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Supercar in Second Life through VR

CtrlAltStudio viewer has provided 3D/VR access for the Oculus Rift in Second Life and OpenSim. VR Performance using Oculus Debug Tool With “Ultra” graphics levels (including shadows) and 256m view distance, the performance is excellent and with exterior or … Continue reading

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Steam VR Destinations Experiment

Destinations lets you create, share and explore different worlds in VR: photogrammetry scenes, game worlds, or anything else that can be represented by a 3D model (using OBJ and FBX formats). Destinations Workshop Tools is the toolkit for creating destinations. … Continue reading

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