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Winter in Sony Home

Its chilly in Sony Home …

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Its Nearly Christmas

Its chilly in Sony PlayStation Home – the central plaza has ice scupltures…

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I-Room in Unity3D with Multi-User Chat, VoIP and Collaboration Tools

A number of people are investigating Unity3D as a 3D graphics engine for virtual worlds. It can be delivered through a web browser on a range of platforms including mobile devices. It might offer a light weight alternative to Second … Continue reading

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Lifestream Summary – Digital Cultures 2011

I, Me – Course Introductions I was intrigued by the course introductions and it gave me a change to bring out some of my interests, many of which have involved Internet collaboration on shared digital artworks and models. This kicked … Continue reading

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Lifestream – Week 12

Final Assignements The majority of my work on the course finished last week, and I am now engaged mostly in reading over again selected papers that are relevant to my essays and final assignments on the EDC11, IDEL11 and ULOE11 … Continue reading

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Unity3D I-Room with Mulit-User Access, VoIP, and Widgets

The Unity3D I-Room tests now include VoIP. The main window is a Unity3D build of the I-Room in an open terrain. This is delivered using the SmartFox MMO server. Around the 3D view are a number of widgets to provide … Continue reading

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Moodle/SLoodle Experiments Issue 13 – External Tools as Course Activities

Moodle 2.2 released today (6-Dec-2011) includes a facility which allows for the embedding of tools that are provided externally as activities on courses. Close integration is possible using the IMS Global Learning Tool Interoperability (IMS LTI) standard. See But … Continue reading

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