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Engage – Educational VR Platform

Immersive VR Education in Ireland, who have produced the Apollo 11 VR Experience, have created a platform for multiple users to meet and share experiences in a range of environments in VR via their avatars. Engage works with the Oculus … Continue reading

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Scuba Dive in Second Life

Scuba diving is a popular virtual sport in Second Life… and scuba diving has been available on the Virtual University of Edinburgh facilities in Second Life from the very earliest days of the Vue regions (back from 2006). See this … Continue reading

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Skydive in Second Life

When I first joined Second Life in 2006, I used a skydive setup built by “Cubey Terra” (Steve Cubey Cavers) to demonstrate some of the features of Second Life to colleagues and friends. Some images from those early days are … Continue reading

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Great Auk

The Great Auk was a flightless black and white bird a bit like a large Razorbill. The Great Auk inhabited the rocky coasts and islands of the North Atlantic along the East coast of the USA, Scotland, Shetland and Ireland … Continue reading

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Unity with OpenVR for Vive and Oculus via SteamVR

It is straightforward to start a Virtual Reality (VR) application using Unity 5.4 for SteamVR which supports both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift head-mounted VR displays. Getting Started Tutorial: Unity – SteamVR Plugin:!/content/32647 Follow the above tutorial … Continue reading

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Ai Austin @ 10

Ai Austin is 10 years old in Second Life today (joined on 6th August 2006)… Here are Ai’s outfits built up over the period in Second Life… Ai’s skin was a gift back in 2006 from a fellow educator who … Continue reading

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Supercar in Second Life through VR

CtrlAltStudio viewer has provided 3D/VR access for the Oculus Rift in Second Life and OpenSim. VR Performance using Oculus Debug Tool With “Ultra” graphics levels (including shadows) and 256m view distance, the performance is excellent and with exterior or … Continue reading

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Xerox Alto

The Xerox Alto personal computer, designed at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC) and introduced in 1973, was the first computer to use a graphical user interface (GUI) using bit-mapped graphics and experimenting with the desktop metaphor. It was … Continue reading

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