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Virtual Harmony – Mars Expedition

Virtual Harmony is an OpenSimulator-based educational simulation grid with contributions by Barbara Truman at the University of Central Florida, Cynthia Calongne at Colorado Technical University, Andrew Stricker at the Air University and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. An award winning rich … Continue reading

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Diva Wifi for OpenSim

OpenSim changes the .NET Framework in use for compilation from 4.0 to 4.6. As at 12-Dec-2018 the sources for Diva’s addon modules are still based on .NET Framework 4.0 suitable for OpenSim versions up to the current stable … Continue reading

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Dreamgrid – Outworldz Dreamworld – OpenSimulator

Dreamgrid is an easy to use OpenSim platform created by Fred Beckhusen, aka Ferd Frederix. It includes MySQL, Dynamic DNS name provision, OpenSim Dev, 1, Diva’s WiFi admin interface and a wide range of add on modules. It sets … Continue reading

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Robert Adams (Misterblue) has created the “Convoar” tool to convert OpenSim OAR files into glTF (GL Transmission Format). The following blog post goes into more detail. http://blog.misterblue.com/2018/2018-07-01-Convoar-and-Converting-OARS Robert explained to me that Convoar grew out of his personal project on … Continue reading

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OpenSim Castle Cathedral Interior

The Epic Castle region in OpemSim (as described in this blog post) has interiors for some of the buildings created by Leora Jacobus. the cathedral includes an animated pipe organ and other interesting elements.

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Moving Content between Virtual Worlds

This article is published as: Tate, A. (2018) Moving Content from Second Life/OpenSimulator via Unity3D to new Social Virtual Reality Platforms, Virtual Education Journal (VEJ), Summer 2018, Special Issue on “What if…”, pp.30-35, (ed. Roseanne Vojtek). Published by Edovation. [Online … Continue reading

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Orcrist is an elf created sword found during the journey of Thoren Oakenshield, a dwarf, in Middle Earth… and features in the Hobbit movies. I handled the Orcrist prop used for the movie while on a visit to Weta Workshop … Continue reading

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