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Using Ready Player Me Avatars in Second Life and OpenSim

This blog post is replaced by a later one here since developments have taken place in Ready Player me and the Bento Buddy plugin for Blender. This blog post provides resources and information for a route to take Ready Player … Continue reading

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Ruth2 v4 – Rigging in Blender

This is an updated blog post explaining how to take the Ruth2 v4 avatar mesh with included armature and export it in a form suitable for use in Second Life and OpenSim. The post is still under development to debug … Continue reading

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Blender Avatar Rigging – Simple Guide

Update 17-Apr-2021: Ada Radius has improved the armatures and documentation and has removed the sample armatures in RuthAndRuth/Reference/Ada Radius that are referred to below. Look instead to use SLAvatar.blend in Ada Radius’s GitHub RuthAndRoth References area. The readme gives the … Continue reading

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Blender – Resources

This blog post is to provide resources and access links for Blender – a widely used open source 3D modelling and animation tool. Blender Web Site and Downloads Tutorial Videos: YouTube – Blender Tutorial Channel Manual: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/ Blender Tips T … Continue reading

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Supercar in Blender

This blog post is a resource area for a project to create good 3D models of Gerry Anderson’s Supercar and Black Rock Laboratory in Blender that can be used for a range of new applications in virtual worlds, flight simulators, … Continue reading

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