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Vue Balloon over Bellisseria

I previously tried the Michie Marine Balloon from Balloon from Michie Yokosuka on the Second Life Marketplace over the New Linden Homes Bellisseria Continent in Second Life. Some snapshots are in this previous Blog Post. A balloon like this was … Continue reading

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Austin Tate’s Blog Backup to 31st May 2019 contains a backup of Austin Tate’s Blog for posts up to 30th September 2018 created via a WordPress Blog “All Content” export and via a top up for October 2018 to May 2019 “Posts” export from The original … Continue reading

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Supercar in FSX in 2019

Supercar still works great in Flight Simulator FSX nearly 25 years since the first version of the add-on was created for Flight Simulator 5 using Flightshop Aircraft Factory in 1995… Bruce Artwick Organization, @microsoft / @dovetailgames @fsxinsider / @steam_games

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