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OpenVCE in Unity and VR

As described in this blog post, the OpenVCE region as it appears in OpenSim including its I-Zone/I-Rooms has been converted to Unity compatible assets via the OpenSim OAR Converter and combined with an earlier I-Room Unity application using the Smart … Continue reading

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OpenVCE and I-Room in Unity with VR

The Open Virtual Collaboration Environment (OpenVCE) initially created in Second Life and OpenSim along with its I-Room (virtual space for intelligent interaction) have been available for some time as OpenSim Archive (OAR) files and assets available in Second Life and … Continue reading

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View over Vue

Here is a nice view from Ai Austin’s AIAI2 office on the second floor of the I-Room on the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) region in Second Life. Must update the calendar 🙂 Here is an image of an I-Room … Continue reading

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Initiative for Interstellar Studies – I4IS

I4IS (http://i4is.org) is now the “Initiative for Interstellar Studies”. The previous use of the term “Institute” is not an approved name for a registered company, so when I4IS was incorporated the name had to be amended. The I4IS I-Room in … Continue reading

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I-Room – a Virtual Space for Intelligent Interaction

One of my research interests is in the creation of “intelligent” meeting spaces for interaction between people, systems and the environment. The programme is called the “I-Room”. An I-Room is a meeting space for collaboration and can be provided in … Continue reading

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Experimental visualizations in 3D space for concept maps, semantic nets and issue argumentation

QOC Tale Lounge Cocktail on a stick visualizations for Questions – Options – Criteria (QOC) pro/con argumentation about issues, options and evaluation criteria, with links to concept maps and detailed information both within the 3D space and outside it on … Continue reading

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I-Room for Federal Virtual World Challenge 2009-2010

I-Room – Virtual Space for Intelligent Interaction Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge Entry – 2009-2010 Awarded Second Place in Collaboration Category (Government Funded Projects) Take a video tour of the I-Room, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBXdohYkT9E For a description, images and other application videos, … Continue reading

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