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Curio 3D Browser and Unity 3D VirtualWorldWeb

Curio is a 3D browser using the Unity platform to provide a multi-user online virtual world. After registering at or and creating an avatar (multiple personas are allowed in a single account) you can launch the browser in … Continue reading

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WhiteCore Version of OpenSim – Update to 0.9.2

Rowan Deppeler (@greythane) one of the core WhiteCore developers has revamped the folders used to store grid configuration, persistent databases and region sim data, and cached/temporary files and data. This is to allow for an easier and less error prone … Continue reading

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Mesh Avatars

Second Life avatars early on were based on an underlying custom mesh (Poser like) with the basic body shape, skin texture, eyes and basic hair. Then a range of “layers” to add clothing and the textures could be applied to … Continue reading

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Hypergrid Hops on OpenSim between Kitely and Openvue

The commercial OpenSimulator-based Kitely grid, which implements a market place for virtual worlds good such as avatar clothing and building components, today announced it has enabled the “HyperGrid” to allow teleportation of avatars between their grid and other OpenSim grids … Continue reading

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High Fidelity Alpha Tests – First Screens

[At 15th May 2014: This blog post is private and created for future visibility. It will only be opened once the alpha test phase is passed.] I have been invited to join in the alpha testing for the High Fidelity … Continue reading

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Emoji in Web Pages

Emoji are pictograms used (typically) on cell phones, originating with the NTT DotCoMo. See A table of cut and pastable emoji is available at Emoji will only show on web pages where the underlying unicode pictograms are supported, … Continue reading

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BMW Vision Gran Turismo

BMW have released their “Vision Gran Turismo” concept race car in Grant Turismo (GT6) for the Sony PlayStation PS3 with all the usual BMW visual features like kidney grill, short front overhand and the rear side window feature called the … Continue reading

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