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Robert Adams (Misterblue) has created the “Convoar” tool to convert OpenSim OAR files into glTF (GL Transmission Format). The following blog post goes into more detail. http://blog.misterblue.com/2018/2018-07-01-Convoar-and-Converting-OARS Robert explained to me that Convoar grew out of his personal project on … Continue reading

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OSCC17 OAR Converter Presentation

OAR Converter presentation at the OpenSimulator Community Conference 2017… YouTube: OAR Converter Presentation [25:51]. More details on OAR Converter at http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/oar-conv/. The OAR Converter Expo Booth on OSCC Expo Zone 3… hop://cc.opensimulator.org:8002/OSCC Expo Zone 3/101/58/26

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OSCC17 Preparation for OAR Converter Presentation

In preparation for the presentation on OAR Converter presentation at the Open Simulator Community Conference 2017 a speaker preparation event was held on 11th November 2017 on the OpenSim Conference Grid… Each presentation is also allocated an Expo Booth on … Continue reading

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Sinespace – Vue

The Virtual University of Edinburgh regions as they appeared in Second Life at their maximum extent and as they are replicated on the OpenSimuator-based Openvue grid has been converted via the OAR Converter into Unity3D and then provided into the … Continue reading

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OAR Converter

OAR Converter can take an OpenSimulator Archive (OAR) and from it create textures, meshes and terrain suitable to import into a Unity scene. From Unity a range of virtual world or virtual reality experiences can be created. The converter has … Continue reading

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Sine.space Regions

As described in an earlier blog post (Sine.space – OpenVCE Region) there is a route to take content created in OpenSimulator, save that as an OpenSim Archive (OAR) file, convert it to Collada mesh via the OAR Converter tool, and … Continue reading

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OpenVCE Region on MOSES Grid

The OpenSimulator-based OpenVCE region has been reactivated on the MOSES Military Metaverse OpenSim grid to make this example of a virtual collaboration environment accessible for demonstrations to US federal and other agencies. The region contains a range of meeting facilities … Continue reading

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