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2014 Virtual University of Edinburgh Graduation – School of Education

For six years since 2009 the University of Edinburgh has offered its distance education and remote new graduates the option to graduate in Second Life, alongside the real world ceremony in the McEwan Hall on Edinburgh’s campus. Such Virtual Graduations … Continue reading

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Oil Rig in Virtual Reality

A realistic Oil Rig 3D mesh model used by Robert Gordon University (RGU) Oil & Gas Centre in Aberdeen for training purposes and as an educational resource has been provided in the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) hosted OpenSimulator-based OSGrid … Continue reading

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Hypergrid Safari visit to Openvue and AiLand

The Hypergrid Safari visited the OpenSim-based Openvue and AiLand grids on 26th November 2014. This web page gives some information to help safari members get the most from their visit which was planned by Thirza Ember. Openvue is the Virtual … Continue reading

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OpenSim OAR – Epic Castle

[Visit via hop://] “Epic Castle” is a nice demonstration of a complex mesh model that can be imported into OpenSim, and saved as an OpenSim Archive (OAR) file that others can load and use. In this instance the Epic Citadel … Continue reading

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NoLimits Roller Coasters from the Community

I thought I would start exploring the Nolimits 2 roller coaster simulator and creator with using some coasters which I have actually ridden and which have been modelled with care by members of the community willing to share their creations … Continue reading

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ESA Rosetta flies in OpenSim

After a journey lasting 10 years, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft will send its attached “Philae” lander to land on the surface of Comet 67P on 12th November 2014. To celebrate this occasion, I have placed a 3D model … Continue reading

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OpenSimulator Community Conference 2014

The OpenSimulator Community Conference 2014 (OSCC14) took place over the weekend of November 8th and 9th on the OpenSim-based OpenSim Community Conference grid ( Over 500 people were registered to attend. My report on the experience of attending OSCC13 is … Continue reading

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