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Sinespace – Vue

The Virtual University of Edinburgh regions as they appeared in Second Life at their maximum extent and as they are replicated on the OpenSimuator-based Openvue grid has been converted via the OAR Converter into Unity3D and then provided into the … Continue reading

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OAR Converter

OAR Converter can take an OpenSimulator Archive (OAR) and from it create textures, meshes and terrain suitable to import into a Unity scene. From Unity a range of virtual world or virtual reality experiences can be created. The converter has … Continue reading

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Cassini – Grand Finale

Timeline 15th September 2017: Final Entry to Saturn Atmosphere… 6:32 am EDT (3:32 am PDT) Thrusters at 100% of capacity; high-gain antenna begins to point away from Earth, leading to loss of signal. Event received on Earth at approx. 11:55 … Continue reading

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Sinespace – RGU Oil Rig at Night

The RGU Oil Rig is now in a single region which is on a one hour day/night cycle (similar to that used on Second Life). Visit via http://sine.space/locations/oil-rig The RGU Oil Rig 3D model and virtual world environment in OpenSimulator … Continue reading

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Sinespace – Load Test 1-Sep-2017

Some Observations from sinespace Interactions Chat tool has some issues… scroll bar seems not to work when you have more tabs than the current size window allows. Hide button largely covers the last entry unless you are VERY careful with … Continue reading

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Sinespace – Delphi Talks

A new Sinespace event plaza has been created… at “The Delphi Talks” region. See http://delphitalks.com Dylan Emery – ShowStopper – 7-Sep-2017 YouTube Video [59:00] Hugh Welchman – Loving Vincent – 12-Sep-2017 YouTube Video [1:23:17]

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sinespace GALand

Short URL to http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2017/08/18/sine-space-gerry-anderson-region/

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