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Marineville – the OpenSim Undersea Exploration Region

Combining open source assets from several educational developers, a new OpenSim region is being created… called “Marineville” after the fictional base for Gerry Anderson’s Stingray futuristic submarine. The assets combined are: Undersea Observatory OpenSim Archive by Justin Reeve. Abyss in … Continue reading

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Vue-Port Replaces Openvue Hypergrid Jump Regions

A recent change to OpenSim variants of virtual worlds viewers (such as Firestorm, Singularity and Kokua) means that the “4096 Bug” is now fixed. The 4096 bug meant that OpenSim avatars could only hop between regions on a grid or … Continue reading

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Roller Coasters on OSGrid Recreation Plaza

On Recreation Plaza on the OpenSimulator-based OSGrid are some fine roller coaster and theme park rides built by Cuteulala Artis. Roller coasters are an interest of mine in real theme parks, simulation rides, virtual rides and games. I have been … Continue reading

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Deep Space 1 flies in OpenSim

The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Deep Space 1 was the first spacecraft to be autonomously controlled by an onboard** AI planner and execution system in the Remote Agent eXperiment (RAX). The spacecraft flew with other novel and experimental technologies such … Continue reading

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Coursera AI Planning MOOC Interview

[Transcript and commentary of interview by Siân Bayne and Jen Ross, School of Education, University of Edinburgh with Austin Tate on 24th September 2013 about his AI Planning MOOC] Artificial Intelligence Planning Instructors: Dr. Gerhard Wickler and Prof. Austin Tate … Continue reading

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Voyager 1 in Interstellar Space

I have been following the Voyager missions since launch, and indeed was interested in them during the long lead up to the “Grand Tour” mission. In 1971, I had the collector cards for Brooke Bond’s “The Race into Space” which … Continue reading

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Experience of Attending OSCC13

I have just about recovered from attending a two day international conference with 10 hours of activity each day and approx. 360 participants (150 peak – as reported at the OpenSim Dev Weekly meeting on 10th September 2013). There was … Continue reading

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