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Sine.space – ISS Region

Sine.space by Sine Wave Entertainment is a multi-user virtual world based on Unity3D. I used the Unity3D Sine Space Base prepared as noted in the blog post and installed the International Space Station (ISS) VR Experience content including detailed 3D … Continue reading

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Unity with OpenVR for Vive and Oculus via SteamVR

It is straightforward to start a Virtual Reality (VR) application using Unity 5.4 for SteamVR which supports both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift head-mounted VR displays. Getting Started Tutorial: http://unity3d.college/2016/04/29/getting-started-steamvr/ Unity – SteamVR Plugin: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/32647 Follow the above tutorial … Continue reading

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Space Walk – Follow along in Virtual Reality

EVA #35 on the International Space Station is a space walk performed by NASA astronaut Tim Kopra and ESA astronaut Tim Peake on 15th January 2016, with a focus on the replacement of a failed voltage regulator. An animation of … Continue reading

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VR Spacewalk at ISS

Scroll down to the “Try the ISS VR Experience” section for the web demonstration link and the download link for the Windows standalone version which will work in flat screen mode or in VR if you have an Oculus Rift … Continue reading

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Supercar in Celestia

http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~bat/GA/supercar-celestia.html I have previously written in a blog post about the wide range of educational space and spaceflight simulators that have been created by educators, scientists and open source user communities. One of these was Celestia and its many educational … Continue reading

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High Fidelity Alpha Tests – Using 3D Models

3D models, such as the many free models from NASA at http://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/models can be converted to FBX format – using for example the Autodesk FBX Converter – Here is an example of the simple International Space Station (ISS) mesh served … Continue reading

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