Monthly Archives: January 2017 – RGU Oil Rig Region – Live

The Sinespace RGU Oil Rig region using Colin Hetherington’s meshes, originally in OpenSim and moved via the OAR Converter to Unity3D, is now accessible on the Sinespace live server.. with a few enhancements to align the directional light with the … Continue reading

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Significant Date

Retired, from full time work anyway. Returning part-time in March 2017 to continue to curate AIAI knowledge engineering resources and web site, and to coordinate the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) facilities prior to handover to colleagues.

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Fairy Tree House

OpenSimulator Fairy Tree House and Accessories by Ada Wong on Whimsical Isle, LFGrid… hop:// Isle/245/93/23

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Sea City

TV21 Annual 1971 published a story about a Pilkington Glass Age Development Committee design study of a “Sea City” for a community living offshore. A model was created and cutaways and renderings of the model appeared in the press. Details … Continue reading

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Unity Probuilder – Creating 3D Content in the Unity Editor

Unity ProBuilder is a Unity3D plug in that allows the creation and manipulation of 3D mesh content directly within the Unity Editor. There are basic (free) and Advanced (paid) versions. The advanced version allows for complete UV unwrapping, export of … Continue reading

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As a trial, and to provide space related outfits for the Space Station/ISS experience in, I followed the instructions on the wiki to create avatar clothing and attachments… I used the freely available NASA 3D models for the … Continue reading

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Virtual World Platforms – CPU and GPU Load Comparisons

I have done some performance monitor and CPU/GPU load comparisons for established virtual worlds like Second Life (Linden Lab viewer 5.0.0) and OpenSim (Firestorm Viewer 5.0.0) and emerging virtual world platforms like High Fidelity and Sine Space. Windows 10 Xeon … Continue reading

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