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Supercar in FSX in 2019

Supercar still works great in Flight Simulator FSX nearly 25 years since the first version of the add-on was created for Flight Simulator 5 using Flightshop Aircraft Factory in 1995… http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~bat/GA/supercar-msfs.html And it can be used in the Oculus Rift … Continue reading

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FSX Supercar at Knight Inlet BC

The FSX version of Supercar (latest: version 5.0 1-Jan-2013) has been tested to work in FSX Steam Edition and in Virtual Reality using Flyinside FSX. Here she is in flight and landing in the Knight Inlet area in British Columbia… … Continue reading

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Flight Simulator in Virtual Reality with Flyinside FSX

Virtual Reality comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator today as Flyinside FSX (https://flyinside-fsx.com/) reached its first full version 1.0 release. It has been created by Daniel Church with Kickstarter backing and is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator boxed versions and … Continue reading

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Using FlyInside FSX for Oculus Rift

Daniel Church has produced an early version of an improved way to use FSX with the Oculus Rift called “FlyInside FSX” and a Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to improve and test that… see http://flyinside-fsx.com. The good news is that … Continue reading

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Flight Simulation in Second Life – DSA Debonair

Flight Simulations exist in Second Life, some with extensive HUDs for control… and example is the DSA Debonair light aircraft. This can have standard gear (chat command: gear standard) or water floats (chat command: gear floats). http://dsa-aircraft.com http://insowork.wix.com/dsa-aircraft

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Supercar on Flight Simulator X Steam Edition

Dovetail Games has licenced Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) to update and make it more widely available. A version was released by them on the Steam Platform on 18th December 2014. Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition is available on … Continue reading

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Hypersonic in Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Having been an enthusiastic user of Flight Simulator for the PC since the early 1990s, its been nearly 10 years since I last used Flight Simulator 2002… I skipped FS2004 (a.k.a “A Century of Flight” or FS9), and did not … Continue reading

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