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Sinespace – Delphi Talks – Richard Bartle

Richard Bartle, virtual world and MUD pioneer, spoke at “The Delphi Talks” in the Sinespace event plaza on 26th October 2017. YouTube – Delphi Talks with Dr. Richard Bartle [1:23:50] You might try the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology to … Continue reading

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Sinespace – Load Test 1-Sep-2017

Some Observations from sinespace Interactions Chat tool has some issues… scroll bar seems not to work when you have more tabs than the current size window allows. Hide button largely covers the last entry unless you are VERY careful with … Continue reading

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Sinespace – Delphi Talks

A new Sinespace event plaza has been created… at “The Delphi Talks” region. See http://delphitalks.com Dylan Emery – ShowStopper – 7-Sep-2017 YouTube Video [59:00] Hugh Welchman – Loving Vincent – 12-Sep-2017 YouTube Video [1:23:17]

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Sine Space – Gerry Anderson Region

The Sine Space (now rebranded “sinespace”) virtual world “Space City” region contains 3D models and scenes from a number of Gerry Anderson TV productions… Supercar and Black Rock Laboratory Fireball XL5 and Space City Stingray and Marineville Thunderbirds Space:1999 Visit … Continue reading

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Sinespace – Resources

Sinespace (previously called Sine Space) is a virtual world platform using Unity3D as the creator/build environment and allowing (via an add-in Unity package) upload to become a space within the Sinespace multi-user virtual world. Spaces are created in Unity and … Continue reading

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Sine.space – 2001: a Space Odyssey

As of September 2017, the 2001 Space Station and Orion III Shuttle can be found on the “Space Station” region in sinespace. You arrive at the International Space Station (ISS). It is quite a way off, so look around for … Continue reading

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Sine.space – RGU Oil Rig Region – Live

The RGU Oil Rig is now in a single region which is on a one hour day/night cycle (similar to that used on Second Life). Visit via http://sine.space/locations/oil-rig The Sinespace RGU Oil Rig region using Colin Hetherington’s meshes, originally in … Continue reading

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Sine.space – Creating Avatar Attachments

As a trial, and to provide space related outfits for the Space Station/ISS experience in Sine.space, I followed the instructions on the Sine.space wiki to create avatar clothing and attachments… I used the freely available NASA 3D models for the … Continue reading

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Sine.space Regions

As described in an earlier blog post (Sine.space – OpenVCE Region) there is a route to take content created in OpenSimulator, save that as an OpenSim Archive (OAR) file, convert it to Collada mesh via the OAR Converter tool, and … Continue reading

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Sine.space – Roller Coaster

CindyBolero has ported her “Winter Festival Aero Pines Park” content into Sine.space including a roller coaster. A bit more work is needed to sync up the views that each user sees. Apparently, sync on avatar movement is the default, but … Continue reading

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