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Voice Activated Intelligent Personal Assistants

On 28th September 2016 the Amazon Echo voice-activated cloud-based intelligent personal assistant device named “Alexa” was introduced in the UK, having been available in the US since 6th November 2014 (see Wikipedia article). This blog post collects resources and links … Continue reading

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Vue Landmarks Restored in Second Life

On the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) regions in Second Life, some landmark buildings that were previously on the “Edinburgh University” region have been restored in world so that they appear in the distance when meetings are held at “The … Continue reading

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Pottermore – Harry Potter Online Experiences

Back in 2012, J.K.Rowling introduced Pottermore. See this blog post for some information from that time. A new version of the web site became available in 2017, including further experiences and games. It was possible to connect a new login … Continue reading

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Supercar in Blender

This blog post is a resource area for a project to create good 3D models of Gerry Anderson’s Supercar and Black Rock Laboratory in Blender that can be used for a range of new applications in virtual worlds, flight simulators, … Continue reading

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Ferd’s NPC Dog Avatar for OpenSim

Fred Beckhusen (aka “@Ferd_Frederix” of has provided many fine open source contributions in OpenSim, including a range of animated non-player characters (NPCs). One is a dog called “Cindy”, which can be used as an NPC or avatar. It is … Continue reading

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Second Life Starter Avatars

Second Life provides a wide selection of avatars to select from when you first join, and these are all available in the Avatar Picker tool or the Inventory “Library” to pick later. Its also possible to mix and match to … Continue reading

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