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Outworldz Dreamgrid LauncherDreamgrid is an easy to use OpenSim platform created by Fred Beckhusen, aka Ferd Frederix. It includes MySQL, Dynamic DNS name provision, OpenSim (usually based on recent Dev Master code), Diva’s WiFi admin interface and a wide range of add on modules. It sets up a virtual world grid with HyperGrid capability along with options to load a range of alternative content via OpenSim Archive (OAR) and Inventory Archive (IAR) files. It includes a simple update mechanism.

Addon Modules

Some Advice on Setting up Default Avatars for the Wifi Web Interface

See https://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2018/12/12/diva-wifi/#avatars

Dreamgrid Settings, .ini Files and .proto Templates for Setup

Dreamgrid.ini tries to do a lot of OpenSim .ini configuration via the GUI and the settings panels. These create files which are merged with *.proto files (templates) to make up the real .ini files used by OpenSim when it starts. So, edits directly to the .ini files for the parameters that are overridden by the settings saved will not persist. Its worth bearing that in mind if trying track down or check some settings.

The OpenSim installation is in …\DreamGrid\OutworldzFiles\Opensim

As usual the key settings are bin/Robust.HG.ini (set from Robust.HG.ini.proto), bin/config-include/GridCommon.ini (set from a number of different .proto files depending on server type) and (in a non-standard place) OpenSim.ini (also set from a number of different .proto files depending on server type.

The Dreamgrid server types that can be selected in settings and the *.proto mechanism allow for a normal ROBUST services style grid and there are also pre-configured setups for Server Types to add a self hosted region onto osgrid.org, metro.land, and as a region addon to another grid.

OpenSim.ini is interesting as Dreamgrid has a mechanism to launch ONE Windows DOS box to run one or more regions. There is one folder per DOS box in the bin/Regions directory and separate OpenSim.ini files in each of those, rather than the usual OpenSim.ini directly under \bin.

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