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Can you point me at some videos of the 3D Space facilities and I-Rooms in Use?

Short version of the VCE Tour: 4 video formats there. Shockwave one is laid our nice… I had to refresh the web page to make the Shockwave widgets load. Meeting we held between Edinburgh when you were here and … Continue reading

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VIWS-1 Event for WoSCR Community in preparation #openvce #woscr

Twitter tags #openvce #woscr The event facility at the Venue@VCE in Second Life is now being prepared for the WoSCR community event on Monday 28th September.  A number of facilities are being tested: Web resource access, Blogging to, Twitter on … Continue reading

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Working Group 078 – 2009 Workshop

Attending the NATO workshop on Modelling and Simulation held at NATO HQ Allied Command Transformation, Norfolk, Virginia, USA, 22-24 September 2009, and relayed into Second Life and Adobe Connect on Harmonie Web.  Also relayed into Second Life. Using web presentation … Continue reading

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Introducing Austin Tate & Ai Austin

Notes from Austin Tate & Ai Austin for SL Meeting… this introduces me and my avatar … … Click on the images for our home pages. Austin Tate Ai Austin To hear a short clip of what my voice sounds … Continue reading

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Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge 2009

I-Room: A Virtual Space for Intelligent Interaction Intelligent – Interactive – Integrated – Instrumented – Intelligible This page provides supporting material for the and AIAI, University of Edinburgh entry for the Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge 2009. Take a Video Tour … Continue reading

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Visualisations for Collaboration Protocol Elements

Jeff Hansberger notes: An interesting variation on the tag cloud It may not be open source though.  for other visualization techniques and approaches. We should be very selective with visualizations but a good  visualization when it's appropriate can … Continue reading

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I-Room Helper

Overview The I-Room Helper Robot provides a centralised mechanism by which users can access the facilities that the I-Room offers them. It also can be linked to an external I-X agent that allows instructions to be sent to it from … Continue reading

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2009-09-07 ECMLPKDD, Bled, Slovenia, Rosie Jones of Yahoo in Second Life

Attending the Second Life relay of the invited opening talk by Rosie Jones of Yahoo Inc on's Second Life Elucian Islands: For instructions please check

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