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OpenVCE on MOSES Grid

The MOSES Grid has moved to new servers and avatars or regions that existed on the original grid are being restored or recreated using OpenSim Inventory Archives (IARs) for avatars or OpenSim Archives (OARs) for regions. The OpenVCE region has … Continue reading

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Project Sansar

Project Sansar – – from Linden Lab is now available to an invited initial testing community. The welcome/login screens show a lush mountainous terrain overlaid with wireframe buildings, vehicles and other objects. Internet Explorer seems not to be supported, … Continue reading

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OpenSim – JustinCC Bon Voyage Party

A Hypergrid Safari party on OSGrid on 23rd September 2015 was to honour core OpenSim developer and Overte Foundation chairman Justin Clark-Casey, stepping down from his lead position in the team to focus on other activities. But hopefully keeping a … Continue reading

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Unity3D Characters

This post provides links and resources related to a number of free to use avatars that can be inserted into Unity 3D projects to provide third person views of a character able to move through a scene. The avatars, scripts, … Continue reading

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Supercar Airborne in Unity

Some time ago I used one of the Unity tutorial examples involving a race track and race car game to try out Unity, and replaced the visual model of the included car with our Gerry Anderson Supercar 3D Model (using … Continue reading

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OpenVCE and I-Room in Unity with VR

The Open Virtual Collaboration Environment (OpenVCE) initially created in Second Life and OpenSim along with its I-Room (virtual space for intelligent interaction) have been available for some time as OpenSim Archive (OAR) files and assets available in Second Life and … Continue reading

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Unity and VR

This blog post documents some simple steps to get an initial Virtual Reality (VR) application built in Unity 5 to display and be controlled via the Oculus Rift DK2 Head Mounted Display (HMD) using Windows 10, Unity 5.2 and Oculus … Continue reading

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Another Sine Wave Entertainment virtual world, ths time a music and dance style shared space. Join for free and get your avatar at Avatars do not seem to enter in the same instance of the arrival zone. More to … Continue reading

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GoJiyo ( is a multi-user virtual world and claims to be the largest virtual world in use in India. It is based on a 3D virtual world MMO platform by Sine Wave Entertainment, who are themselves creating a virtual world … Continue reading

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