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FrancoGrid Fest’Avi 2016

I recently took a tour of the OpenSimulator-based FrancoGrid on its Fest’Avi 2016 region – as it prepares its 2017 festival. This involves the creation of open source avatars in a show case area. A very nice visual feast. FrancoGrid … Continue reading

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Virtual Oil Rig – Enhancing Higher Education

A poster of the work on the RGU Virtual Oil Rig and related educational experiences to enhance learning and training for offshore oil rig workers was presented at the 3rd International Enhancement in Higher Education Conference: Inspiring Excellence – Transforming … Continue reading

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OpenVCE Region on MOSES Grid

The OpenSimulator-based OpenVCE region has been reactivated on the MOSES Military Metaverse OpenSim grid to make this example of a virtual collaboration environment accessible for demonstrations to US federal and other agencies. The region contains a range of meeting facilities … Continue reading

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OpenSimulator Community – Animation of Code Commits

Nebadon Izumi (Michael Emory Cerquoni) has created an animation of code commits to the OpenSimulator project for the OpenSimulator Community Conference 2015. It is produced from the OpenSim Git commit repository using Gource. The YouTube video of the commits in … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality in Second Life and OpenSim using the CtrlAltStudio Viewer

David Rowe’s CtrlAltStudio Viewer allows 3D stereoscopic and Oculus Rift Head Mounted Display (HMD) viewers of Second Life and OpenSim-based Virtual Worlds. It supports gamepad controllers too, such as the Xbox gamepad. Version (3rd October 2015) had been updated … Continue reading

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OpenVCE in Unity and VR

As described in this blog post, the OpenVCE region as it appears in OpenSim including its I-Zone/I-Rooms has been converted to Unity compatible assets via the OpenSim OAR Converter and combined with an earlier I-Room Unity application using the Smart … Continue reading

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OpenVCE on MOSES Grid

The MOSES Grid has moved to new servers and avatars or regions that existed on the original grid are being restored or recreated using OpenSim Inventory Archives (IARs) for avatars or OpenSim Archives (OARs) for regions. The OpenVCE region has … Continue reading

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