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Firestorm VR Mod 6.3.9

Peter Kappler maintains the Firestorm VR Mod Viewer and his source code modifications to allow the Firestorm Viewer to work with VR headsets at – go there to download his latest version and for usage information, source, advice on … Continue reading

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Roth2 v2

Roth2 v2 Revision 2020-05-24 Based on Blender Mesh from (was DRAFT8_4) Use a viewer which supports Bakes on Mesh, e.g. Firestorm. Roth2 is a low-poly mesh body specifically designed for OpenSimulator and which can also be used in Second … Continue reading

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Outworldz – DreamGrid – Hobbiton

Fred Beckhusen of Outworldz and his team have done wonders again with another fine OpenSimulator-based region, released as an OpenSim Archive (OAR) licensed only for use on the DreamGrid distribution. Fred’s post on the MeWe – Outworldz Projects group on … Continue reading

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Outworldz – Alexandria 30BC

Another fine virtual world build from Fred Beckhusen/Ferd Frederix and his team (Debbie Edwards aka Nyira Machabelli, Joe Builder and Avia Bonne) to recreate Ancient Egypt, specifically Alexandria in 30BC. It is located on the OpenSimulator-based Outworldz grid’s Alexandria region … Continue reading

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Kitely Organizations

Kitely Organizations are a way to create a virtual grid inside the OpenSimulator-based Kitely grid. It allows groups to create and manage their own users, with control over which regions they can visit and what they can do in-world. A … Continue reading

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AIAI Virtual World Social Space

Quickstart: Get an OpenSim avatar at if you don’t already have one. Download and install the Firestorm Viewer. Login and look round, you usually arrive at an OSGrid Plaza. Follow the arrows on the floor to get an orientation … Continue reading

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Supercar in OpenSim

Supercar, OpenSim Continue reading

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Ruth 2.0 LuvMyBod – Resources

Hyacinth Jewell, a content creator in OpenSimulator, has provided a revised higher definition version of the open source Ruth 2.0 avatar mesh. This post provides some resources and links for this. hop:// Plaza/78/138/28

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OpenSimulator Community Conference 2019 – OSCC19

The OpenSimulator Community Conference (OSCC19) ran again this year on December 14th to 15th, 2019 and was once again organised and run by Avacon. OpenSimulator Core Dev Panel OSCC19 Audience What is Good About OpenSim 0.9.1 The conference grid is … Continue reading

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Singularity Viewer – Resources

Singularity Viewer is an open-source virtual world viewer for Second Life and OpenSim. It uses the “V1-Style” User Interface Viewer combined with the latest Second Life changes and features. The latest (Beta) versions support Bakes on Mesh. Singularity Downloads … Continue reading

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