Pangea Roleplay on OpenSim Metropolis Grid

I have blogged before about the Pandora Universe group in Second Life which offers role play based on the “Avatar” film directed by James Cameron and based on Pandora, a moon of Alpha Centauri and the Na’vi that inhabit the moon. Ralph Steglenzer altered me to the OpenSim “District 153 – Pangea Roleplay” region on Metropolis Grid…

Access Metropolis Grid via the viewer map: arrive at the metropolis Grid Welcome area.

You can then teleport via the map to:

  • “Pangea – Welcome” or use hop://
  • “District 153 – Pangea Roleplay” or use
  • “District 153 – Pangea Roleplay” Forest Area:

  • Note: may need rather than

More information:
More Pictures:

Another Pangea themed role play area on Metropolis Grid as at Pangea (944,146,31).

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  1. Irayo nìtxan (thank you very much) for writing these blogpost.

    If you want to get more infos, just visit our website (in german).
    Or watch some of our videos on:–Z2zdFw/videos?view_as=public

    Kxìrya te Weytana Nllteya’ite
    (Builder, programmer and supporter of Pangea)

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