The People’s Moon

As described at, The People’s Moon has been co-created By British artist Helen Marshall of the People’s Picture, and Christina Korp of the Aldrin Family Foundation, and unveiled at iconic global locations on Saturday 20 July 2019…
“The People’s Moon will dominate London Piccadilly Lights screen, on the actual day and hour, flashing back 50 years to when humans first walked on the Moon. The combination of 10,000 photographs submitted by the public, NASA historic clips and giant photo mosaics of the Moon will be shown simultaneously in New York’s Times Square, and in a long-term installation at the Kennedy Space Center where the mission of Apollo 11 launched in 1969, and at a special presentation at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore’s Marina Bay.”

Margaret & Austin, as at 1969, are included in the image…

#Apollo50th #ThePeoplesMoon #MyGiantLeap

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