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Arriba is a code fork off the main OpenSimulator master code. I discovered it via a visit to the Shin Ingen’s iTEC Ingen-Lab grid.

See this article for more information on Arriba and advice on setting up and using it for the first time…

The download links in that post may be out of date… the most recent link can be found via a forum, e.g.,

Arriba Setup

Arriba comes as source code to compile and configure as you wish, as for the normal OpenSim development code, and via forum there are prepared versions for “Arriba on a Stick” (standalone on port 9000) and single host “Arriba Mini-Grid” (using Robust services on port 8002).

I adjusted the language in the “MOWES” control panel “Options” from the default German to English, used the MWI web interface provided to edit the welcome and flash news pages to English, and did a small edit to the Robust.ini and Regions/*.ini files to customise the grid and region names to “Vueport” and all looks good on first run.

Web Interface

The web interface for Arriba is provided by MWI (MyOpengrid Web Interface MWI). It is based on PHP code and provided many options to manage the grid, its users and content and the web interface itself…


First Run


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