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Aberdeen Oil Rig Visit on RGU Islands in OpenSim

Today I visited with Colin Hetherington and Jo-Anne McCafferty* (Learning Enhancement Coordinator and Distance Learning Lead Lecturer) of the Oil and Gas Centre at Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, Scotland to see their RGU Islands OpenSimulator grid. We visited … Continue reading

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3D Web Think Tank – Brainstorming – Kick Starting the Future of the Metaverse

Brainstorming session with the 3D Web Think Tank to look for ideas for kick starters to further the development of the Metaverse. Date/Time: 05 May 2013 @ 11 am PST/MVT/SLT Location: IEEE’s Artificial Intelligence Learning Center in Second Life SLURL: … Continue reading

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Cloud Party – Virtual World in a Browser with WebGL

Cloud Party has been available for the last year or so and I tried it out when it first appeared. Since, initially, Facebook linked login was required, and I long ago ditched Facebook due to its constant creep on privacy … Continue reading

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