AI – Avatar Indentity – Machinima

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2 Responses to AI – Avatar Indentity – Machinima

  1. Siân Bayne says:

    Lovely bit of machinima Austin. The soundtrack is perfect and you capture something very uneasy in the way your AI avatar seems lost in a field of clones. It had something of the wicker man in it for me : )

  2. Austin Tate says:

    Thanks Sian. The music is John Clift’s composition that he allowed us to use as the “Vue Theme”. John is the director of world wide distribution at Disney and someone who experimented on I-Rooms with us.

    The Avatar Identity area gets more wierd every time I go in. I was trying to create an outer star field edge and tried to place a large skydome over the whole region. But it had the effect of knocking all the avatars all over and into the water… it was quite a sight with avatars and partially rezzed cloud avatars being pushed about… Wierd. I had to rescue them again and push them up back to the surface. I don’t like to think (even of clones) of my avatars as being underwater with no scuba gear.

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